Skincare tips for men.

Grooming tips for our SLO fellas

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With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I’ve had a few more men clients than usual. They’re concerned about looking their best for their date on V-Day.

So fellas, let’s talk about this a bit more!

I feel that there is often a disconnect for men and good skin care. Let’s have a little chat about the difference between facial cleansers and shampoo, the benefit of using a new razor every two days, and why you need to be using moisturizer & sunscreen. (Really!)


The skin on your face does a different job than the skin on your scalp, but a lot of guys use the same stuff to wash their hair on their face. If you want to keep looking more Mad Men Don Draper than Mad Max Mel Gibson, it’s time to take note of your skin type (oily, dry, & combination) and then use the right products.

If you need help figuring out your skin care routine and what will work best for you, call the Kim & Co Salon at (805) 541-5424 and ask to schedule a Face Mapping consultation with me.

I’ll help you figure out the right products to use from my favorite brand, Dermalogica. They have a special line made just for men, because your skincare needs are a little different than women’s needs.


A photo of a lady giving her man an old fashion shave, to help him be more groomed.

Don’t move, your women has a razor.

Did you know when you shave it’s also a type of exfoliation? That means you’re not just removing your five o’clock shadow, you’re also scrapping off some dead skin cells too.

When you reuse a razor more than twice, those dead skin cells get trapped in-between the blades. And then your razor grows some nasty bacteria inbetween shaves.

Moral of this story: Throw away or replace your razor blades after every 2-3 uses.

The reason is you don’t want to be using a razor that is full of bacteria on your face. If you are really careful and rinse your razor completely free of any hair or skin cells, you can get a couple more uses if you spritz the razor with rubbing alcohol.


You live in beautiful San Luis Obispo, and I know you spend some time outdoors enjoying the surf, riding your bike on the side of the road (sorry for running off the road last week), and hiking Bishop’s Peak.

Here’s the deal: Your skin needs to feel protected from the environment. The wind, the sun, and the free radicals all take it’s toll on your skin. You can’t avoid it any longer, guys – you need to be using sunscreen during the day and a moisturizer made for your skin and pH at night.

If you’re ready to upgrade your grooming habits,
I’m always here for you at the Kim & Co. Salon.
Call (805) 541-5425 to schedule a Face Mapping with me!

So, what questions do YOU have around skincare and grooming?

Leave me your question in the comments below and I’ll do my best to give you a useful answer.

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