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Tips to Prevent Tragic & Unflattering Brows

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A well-shaped brow frames and flatters your face.

It’s a fact. Brows that are in proportion to your face create balance and symmetry. It’s worth having a professional with an eye for design shape your brows. It can make a huge difference to your overall look. In fact, one of my favorite services to offer here in San Luis Obispo is brow shaping.

Bad Brow Design in History

Unfortunately, history and fashion has not always been aware of what flatters faces when it comes to brow design.

There’s been some, let’s say, unique trends throughout the centuries and some have not been ideal.

The 1930’s: Pencil Thin Drama Brows

In the 1940’s the trend was a fine pencil thin line which created a shocking and dramatic look. This photo of Jean Harlow is the prime example!

Jean Harlow 1930-1940s brow design

And let’s face it, there are people today that still wear this look and…I’m always a bit shocked whenever I still come across somebody trying to rock that look. Please ladies, let’s keep this trend where it belongs – in the past.

The 1960’s: Classical Graceful Brows

Luckily, things mellowed out by the 1960’s.

In fact, this was my one of favorite eras for brow design!

The brow look was a classical checkmark shape. It’s a timeless shape that can live on for centuries and it’s immortalized with Hollywood greats, like Barbra Streisand and Goldie Hawn.

Photo of Barbara Streisand in 1970s with her trademark brows.

The 1980’s: BIG Brows Are In

But how can we forget the 80’s where everything was BIG.

Big hair, big ties, big cars…and yes, even big BROWS.

We can thank the Mrs. Brooke Shields for those big beautiful natural thick eyebrows.

1980s Big is Better Eyebrows - Brooke Shields

My Favorite Brow Designs

Personally, I prefer a fuller – but still natural shaped brow, especially for the tweens and teens. It’s such a youthful look and easy to manage.

For all the tweens and teens out there, let me assure you there is plenty of time before you need to worry much about brow maintenance and becoming too grown-up. Enjoy being young and rock your natural look. A little clean-up is all you need!

Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes, did just that with her famous brows!

Look, I’m not about the trends or cookie-cutter looks.

I’m about YOU, and the shape that will flatter YOUR unique face.

For example, if you have a thick head of hair with lots of volume, it’s preferable to keep your brows fuller.

If you have thin fine hair you are able to go more of a finer shaped brow. (But not too thin – of course, as that look can age you.)

Basically, flattering shaped brows come down to your face’s features. The creative artist in me loves figuring that out.

It’s always my goal to have you…

Be your own kind of beautiful.

Call the Salon (we’re in San Luis Obispo) at (805) 541-5424
to schedule your brow design with me!

Let’s make those gorgeous brows work for you! 


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