A shelf with a bunch of Dermalogica products displayed at the Kim and Co. Salon and Day Spa in San Luis Obispo

I’ve given HUNDREDS of facials. This is why I choose Dermalogica.

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During my education at beauty school, I was introduced to Dermalogica® for the first time. After seeing the impressive results that the Dermalogica skincare line had on my skin, I was hooked. That’s right, I’m not just a skincare therapist – I’m also a proud customer and user of Dermalogica’s products! Dermalogica’s “hands-on” training and their commitment to continuing education has made such an inspiring impression on …

Skincare tips for men.

Grooming tips for our SLO fellas

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With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I’ve had a few more men clients than usual. They’re concerned about looking their best for their date on V-Day. So fellas, let’s talk about this a bit more! I feel that there is often a disconnect for men and good skin care. Let’s have a little chat about the difference between facial cleansers …