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Let’s be honest here, waxing certain areas gets “personal.”

Both myself and the staff at the Kim & Co. Salon and Day Spa in San Luis Obispo are committed to making your visit as pleasant & pain-free as possible.Sabrina

Whether you are relatively new to waxing or if you’ve been a regular for awhile,
I promise you that’ll you’ll be the hands of a professional.


I will be your friend throughout the entire process, and will pay attention to the smallest details.

You’ll leave with a smile on your face because the experience and the outcome was flawless.

It’s important that you’re 100% comfortable before, during, and after your session. If you are unsure about the waxing process or have any questions, please reach out to me.

Learn more about the various waxing and brows services I offer in San Luis Obispo, including Brazilian and bikini waxes, below.

I can assist you with facial hair removal, brow design and maintenance (waxing or threading), as well as hair removal on other areas of the body, including leg waxing, chest and back waxing, and more.


Facial Hair Removal Menu

Face Combo 

This service takes care of the Sideburns, Chin, Lip and Cheeks areas. Please note, brows are not included. *** Please don’t refer it as a “Facial” waxing, this can confuse our receptionist. Thanks!

35 and up

Brow Design 

This price is for the first-timer, or if it’s been longer than 5 weeks. I’ll shape your brow (if mother-nature permits) to frame you face, allowing you to look naturally beautiful and regal.


Brow Maintenance

Special rate for follow-up brow maintenance within 4-5 weeks of last visit.


Brow and Lip Maintenance Combo 

Special rate for maintenance of your original appearance. Sorry, no first time waxers.

25 and up

Brow and Chin Maintenance Combo

Brows maintenance and a touch-up on the chin (not including the neck). Sorry, not for first time waxers.





Chin and Neck Combo


15 and up

Facial Cheeks / Lower Jaw (“Lady Side Burns”)

Ladies only. Sometimes the peach-fuzz can get a little out of control – and it can become more pronounced once we apply our make-up. Waxing or threading this area can give you a smoother appearance.


(Upper) Lip Wax or Threading

Whether we want to admit it or not ladies, yes, it does happen. (And more than likely, it will happen even to the best of us.)

Some ladies will be more sensitive than others. If you are of light skin and redden easily, you may want to take an ibuprofen beforehand.


Lip and Chin Combo 

The upper lip and the chin of the face. Add more if you need extra, like the neck.

21 and up


This includes the outer part, “external ears,” and only what is coming out from the auricle.





Body Waxing Menu

Arm Pits

My personal favorite! There’s nothing like the feel and look of clean smooth skin when you are wearing a sleeveless dress.



From the elbows down. Add an additional $20 if you would like this to include from the shoulders down.”


Back – Men Welcome

Includes the back of the neck, the top of the shoulders, then down to the hips. Note: Arms and forearms are extra.

40 and up

Bikini + Tummy

This will remove hair on your stomach down to the typical Bikini wax. A Bikini wax only goes to the panty line, whereas the Brazilian wax will take it all off.

30 and up

Bikini and Beyond 

For the selective lady! Yes, you can have it your way. Perfect if you’re not quite ready for a full Brazilian, but like the look of one. I can customize your wax to your liking!


Bikini and Half Legs Combo

A traditional bikini down to the knees.

65 and up

Bikini and Full Legs Combo

Who are we kidding? The Bikini line is the best starting point! This includes your stomach, Bikini area, all the way down to your big toe.

Prefer a Brazilian instead of a Bikini? Please add another $30.

85 and up

Brazilian + Tummy

This will remove hair starting on your stomach to your buttocks. Hair is removed from all areas “down there.” Contact me if you have questions about what this means.


Brazilian Maintenance 

This is for the clients that come in every 4 weeks without missing a beat.


Chest and Tummy – Men Welcome 

For Men. We start from the collar bone and go down to the hips.


Full Leg Waxing

From the hip all the way down to your big toe, but without the bikini or the Brazilian wax.

70 and up

Lower Leg Waxing

Both legs from the knees down to your big toe -or- from the knees up, minus the bikini area.



Skincare by Sabrina Carelli

Sabrina is knowledgeable, sweet and very professional!

"I always feel at ease during my appointments and leave feeling calm and refreshed!

She never keeps me waiting, appointments are very time-efficient {though she has never once made my appointment feel rushed} and she pays close attention to detail!"
I highly recommend her to anyone that is looking to schedule a waxing appointment - I just love her!"


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